S'mores my way

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Kate Mate
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S'mores is an American abbreviation for some more. Traditionally you toast a marshmallow and place it between two graham crackers with a piece of chocolate. Here in Australia we don't get graham crackers and I wanted to make it a little different. So I have come up with my own version of s'mores, and they are just as good.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Makes: 10-20 s'mores

1 packet of arrowroot biscuits
1 packet cooking chocolate not chocolate chips
1 packet of 100's and thousands
1 jar of marshmallow fluff ( marshmallow spread available at most supermarkets in the international section)

In a double boiler melt chocolate over low heat
Turn half of the biscuits over and spread some marshmallow fluff on. With the other half place on top with the good side facing up.
When chocolate is melted spread on top and sprinkle on hundreds and thousands or your choice of topping. These will need to go into the fridge to set.
Another alternative is to seed the chocolate ( see notes) so that they will set at room temperature.
Half the fun is decorating. There are so many ways to decorate these; shredded coconut, crushed nuts, crumbled butterfingers, the possibilities are endless!
To seed chocolate you need to melt half the chocolate with a double boiler, temperature needs to reach about 115 Fahrenheit.
Take it off the stove and slowly add some more chocolate pieces to the bowl and stir until melted.
Add in more chocolate until all melted.
Spread over biscuits and if done right this should set at room temperature. This will take time but it is worth the end result.
Chocolate chips should not be used as they contain an additive that helps them keep shape when baking so they won't work.
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S'mores my way. Decorating is the best part
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