Cajun Chicken Alfredo Pasta

by Kadin Burnett (follow)
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The Finished Dish

Combining Italian and Cajun elements, you can have yourself a spicy, cheesy, and filling dish for the whole family.

Preparation Time: 25 minutes
Cooking Time: 40 minutes
Makes: 4-6

2 chicken breasts
3 cups penne pasta
1 cup shredded parmesan cheese
3 tbsp cajun spice
2 tsp cayenne
2 tsp chilli powder
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
2 tbsp butter
2 cups milk
1/2 cup cream
2 tbsp flour
1 chopped tomato
1/2 cup chopped cilantro

Grate Parmesan cheese, and set aside.
Bring water to boil.
Add all penne pasta, dash of salt, and let cook.
Season chicken with cayenne, chilli powder, and Cajun spice.
Place chicken in pan and cook 6-8 minutes per side.
Remove chicken from pan. Slice in half, and place face down in pan for 4 minutes.
Slice chicken and set aside.
Leave pan with chicken residue untouched and add butter, flour, milk, cream, and remaining Cajun spice and mix together.

The Finished Dish

Mix in Parmesan and let sit.
Strain pasta and place in separate larger pot.
Add sliced chicken into the new pot.

The Finished Dish

Add sauce from pan into the new pot.
Chop tomato and cilantro, and add to pot.
Mix together.

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