Lightning McQueen Car Cake

by Sharmila Jayasinghe (follow)
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The final product

I was amazed at how easy making a Lightning McQueen car cake was when I actually tried my hand in doing it. Unfortunately not many websites give instructions on the easy way of making a car cake. Since trying out the first-ever car cake, I have managed to do couple of other cakes of cars but different models. It gets so much easier with practice.

Preparation Time: 2 to 3 hours (entirely depends on how organised and fast you are.
Makes: 30 -35 servings

A rectangle cake of any flavour. I used a 12inch by 8inch pan.
White fondant
Red fondant
Small amount of black fondant
Butter cream
Cake board
Edible markers in black, yellow and red


It is useful to have a model of the car your making so as to get the proportions right. Keep the car on a grease proof paper, draw and cut the base template.Keep the template on the rectangle cake and cut the base of the car.

Using the cut outs of the rectangle cake, model the upper part of the car. Spread butter cream and paste the top bits to the base of the car.

The final product

Cover the whole cake with butter cream. Set aside for 15 minutes for the butter cream to harden.

The final product

Roll out the red fondant and place over the cake. Cut the excess fondant and smooth out the cake with your hands. If you have a fondant smoother it could come in handy.

The final product

Once the shape of the car is done accessorising is pretty easy.

For the wheels I used black fondant covered rounds of cake and secured them to the car with tooth picks.

I cut the shape of the eyes with white fondant and pasted in on with water. The side windows were done using rectangle cuts of blue fondant.

Almost done

The rest of the stickers and paint work of the McQueen car was done using edible markers.

Almost done

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