Speedy Sautéed Potatoes

by Claire Winlow (follow)
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potato, saute, cube
Speedy sauteed potatoes

Potatoes are so versatile and a firm favourite in various forms with my family. Occasionally I will be cooking dinner and everything is getting close to being ready when I realise I haven't put on the potatoes. This is one of the quickest recipes I do with potatoes that guarantees a tasty accompaniment to dinner.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Makes: 2 servings

2 large baked potatoes
1 tablespoon oil
20g butter (optional but it tastes so good)
Sea salt

Leave the skins on the potatoes to make the preparation time super speedy. They're good for you too even if the butter isn't.

Cut the potatoes into slices about 1.5cm thick

potato, saute, cube

potato, saute, cube

Cut the slices into long chip shapes again about 1.5cm thick and then cut again to make cubes.

Place the potatoes into a pan of boiling water and simmer for 3-4 minutes until soft but not falling apart.

While the potatoes are boiling, heat the oil and butter in a frying pan until hot and the butter is bubbling. The oil helps prevent the butter from burning.

potato, saute, cube
Hot bubbling butter ready for the potato cubes

Drain the cooked potato and allow them to stop steaming so they are dry. I usually return the dry pan to the stove for a minute.

Fry the potatoes in the hot oil and butter for 6-7 minutes until golden and starting to get crisp.

These speedy sauteed potatoes are great with hickory smoked baby back ribs and chicken wings of fire.

potato, saute, cube, baby back ribs, hickory smoked, peas, chicken wings fire
Sauteed cubes of potato with hickory smoked baby back ribs and chicken wings of fire

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