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What's the weirdest animal you've ever eaten?

by Matteo Lor (follow)
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Eat Insects
Attribution: Rhiannon via Pixabay

What's the weirdest animal you've ever eaten?

Cultures from across the world have a range of animals that are eaten. From 100 year eggs, insects, cow tongue and many more, there is a real variety of animal (and animal parts) that are consumed every day. It's pretty common to eat a local dish when you're travelling, especially at the little street stalls across Asia.

What's the weirdest animal you've ever eaten? Did you like it?

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Top Answers
The most exotic meat I have eaten is an ostrich burger. It tasted all right, but there wasn't anything distinguishable about it, and I found it rather chewy.
Wow! I've never heard of that before.
It was at an exotic street food stall also doing boar burgers, and kanagroo burgers, zebra burgers.
That's some pretty exotic food - zebra burgers! Not too many people could say that they've tried that.
I doubt it. I don't know how endangered zebras are, so that's why I didn't pick it.
That's fair. It would be a shame to eat some of the last remaining zebra...
After going to the Natural History Museum on Friday, I found out that they are under threat, so I'm glad I didn't try one.
I have eaten plenty of kangaroo - which isn't particularly rare over in Australia. Otherwise, the only other 'exotic' animal I've eaten are little baby octopuses (octopi?) at a seafood buffet. They were a little weird tasting.
I have had a few.

I accidentally ordered what may have been rat on a stick in Thailand (cost 25 cents). It was really delicious.

I have also eaten donkey which is a very tender meat, highly recommended.

Silkworms are healthy but when you order them live in a restaurant and you have to cook them yourself, it is less fine. Don't mind the flavour but I don't liek the smell.

Matt mentioned that he thought baby octopus was exotic. Just such a normal food these days, especially in Italian restaurants.

Had some Korean friends who wanted to try lamb while they were in Australia as that is an exotic meat for Koreans. A bit of advice, never tell Korean kids we eat lovely, cuddly and cute lambs in Australia.
Not sure if I could eat rat or silkworms, but you've got to try new things!

Funny the story about the lamb. Interesting how people from other cultures find different things strange.
Alpaca, last year on holiday in Peru (aka The Homeland). Would've been Guinea Pig, but I really couldn't bring myself to eat any after having raised one as a kid.
My parents went to Peru and had a guinea pig. They won't be ordering it again, but they did try it at least. I think they said it was a little weird because it had a little fruit in its mouth (like a pig sometimes) but was just really small. They said that they had a range of food over there and liked most of it - except for the GP.
frogs on a stick, with bellies stuffed with lemon grass, tarantula legs (was not game to eat the stomach) and ate turtle in the Torres Straits at a festival.
Goanna!! It was during my backpacking time in Australia and we bumped into this truck load of aboriginals going to play a soccer game in the remote outback.. they gave us the goanna as a gift for our dinner and we grilled it over the fire.

The meat was very stringy, but put into a stew with gravy and it tasted like sweet beef.
Not an animal per se, but was holidaying on Yule Island, Gulf of Papua, & got a small, fresh clam from sea floor, made fire, cooked & ate it. Very meaty! And certainly different!

But have also eaten buffalo, crocodile, & camel meats. Would eat them again.

My faves are kangaroo, or venison.
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