Apple and Caraway Cabbage with Chicken Apple Juice and Baked Camembert

Apple and Caraway Cabbage with Chicken Apple Juice and Baked Camembert

Posted 2015-10-29 by finyfollow

This recipe is adapted from a German recipe that my Mum used to make.

The tastes of apple and cabbage marry very well together, and added to this I have juiced another apple and cooked a bit of chicken in it. You could use bought apple juice however I prefer to make my own without chemicals/additives.

It would also be very good without the chicken for the vegetarian option as it has a lot of different flavours.

I had some chicken in the freezer and thought they were thighs however when I defrosted it, two of them were legs - I would rather have used all thighs however it still tasted excellent.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Makes: 4 servings

1 small cabbage
1 tsp caraway seeds
2 firm apples
1 small apple for juicing
1 large carrot
1 medium onion
3 tsp brown sugar
1½ tsp cider vinegar
1 round Camembert
About 400 g chicken thighs (optional)

  • Core, and chop the apples into pieces (do not peel).

  • Cut the carrot into about 5 cm lengths, and chop the onion.

  • Chop the cabbage roughly into wide strips -you want about 3 cups or slightly more.

  • Put about half a tsp of pepper on the chicken, and in a fry pan, melt about ½ tbsp of butter over medium-high temperature.

  • Add the chicken and cook for about 10 minutes. Place on a plate.

  • Meanwhile, turn on the oven to 160° and put the Camembert round into a tight fitting dish, or ramekin.

  • Take off some or all of the rind at the top and you can put garlic cloves inside, though I just used chili flakes and poked them into the top of the cheese.
  • I lined the ramekin with baking paper

  • Bake the cheese for 15 - 20 minutes only -no longer.

  • Reduce the heat to medium, and add the cut apples and cook, stirring until they are golden -about 5 minutes. Transfer to a plate.
  • Apple pieces should not be bigger than this

  • Melt another tbsp of butter in the pan and add the cabbage, carrots and onion.

  • Cook, stirring until tender but still crisp -this will take up to 5 minutes only.

  • Meanwhile, put the third apple through a juicer or blender.
  • Making your own apple juice

  • Stir the apple juice, brown sugar, vinegar, and caraway seeds into the cabbage mixture.

  • Return the chicken and HALF of the cut apples to the pan.

  • Reduce the heat, cover, and simmer for about 20 minutes or till the chicken is cooked.

  • Transfer the chicken to a platter or individual plates, and spoon the sauce/vegetables over it.

  • Garnish with the cooked apples which you kept aside.

  • Cut the baked cheese into four pieces or however many you want on each plate, and serve.

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