Apple Crumble Ice Cream

Apple Crumble Ice Cream

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This apple crumble ice cream with its spicy notes of cinnamon, sweet caramelised apples and crisp crumble topping is everything you’d want from a traditional baked apple crumble, but it's much more suitable to the hot and humid Australian climate this time of year.

Requiring no ice cream maker or egg based custard, this ice cream is decadently rich and extremely easy to prepare – all you need is a little patience. Best of all, the simple base recipe of cream, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla can be used as the base for almost any flavour combination.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes.
Cooking Time: 30 minutes, plus another 6 hours freezing time.
Makes: Approximately 1.5 litres of ice cream.

Caramelised Apples
2 medium Granny Smith apples
1 ½ tsp ground cinnamon
2 tbls brown sugar
3 tbls water
Squeeze of lemon juice

Vanilla Ice Cream
500ml thickened cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
Seeds from one vanilla pod, or 1 tsp vanilla bean paste, or two tsp vanilla extract

50g unsalted butter, softened
1 cup rolled oats
1 tbls brown sugar
1/3 cup slivered almonds
2 tbls plain flour
1 tsp ground cinnamon

  • Peel, core and dice apples into approximately 1cm cubes.

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  • Place apples in a pan over a medium heat and add brown sugar, cinnamon and water. Sauté for 10 minutes.

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  • Add a squeeze of lemon juice to the apples and continue to sauté for another 3-5 minutes until the apples have softened and caramalised. Transfer to a bowl and set apples aside to cool completely.

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  • To make the ice cream, place cream, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla in a bowl and whisk until soft peaks form.

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  • In the meantime use a stick blender to partially purée the cooled apples. There should be no whole apples cubes, but the mix should still have texture.

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  • Once the ice-cream has thickened and will hold a peak, spoon into a freezer safe dish or container. Dot spoonfuls of the apple mix over the ice cream, and using a dinner knife, swirl the apples through the ice cream. Place in the freezer for 6-7 hours to set completely.

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  • To make the crumble topping, preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

  • Place oats, butter, sugar, cinnamon, almonds and flour into a medium sized bowl. Using the tips of your fingers rub ingredients together until well incorporated and the mixture begins to clump.

  • Transfer crumble to a baking tray and spread into one even layer. Bake for 15 minutes or until the crumble is golden and crisp.

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  • Allow crumble to cool completely then transfer to an airtight container.

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  • To serve, remove ice-cream from freezer and allow to sit for 5-7 minutes. Scoop ice-cream into bowls and sprinkle over the crumble topping.

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