Chilled Zabaglione with Summer Fruits

Chilled Zabaglione with Summer Fruits

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Pimm's is the quintessential English summer drink. When we offered a glass (or two) to some visiting family from America recently they were suitably impressed and came back for refills. Anytime can be Pimm's o'clock, and it's not just for drinking either.

Preparation Time: 20-25 minutes
Cooking Time: None, but at least 2 hours chilling
Makes: 4 servings

200g summer fruits (I used blackberries and raspberries)
1tbsp golden caster sugar
A few drops of Angostura bitters

For the Zabaglione
2 gelatine leaves
150ml Pimm's No 1
5 large egg yolks
100g golden caster sugar
142ml carton double or whipping cream

  • Wash the summer fruits, put them in a bowl and sprinkle with the sugar and angostura bitters. Mix well and put aside while you make and chill the zabaglione. If using strawberries, wash, hull and roughly chop them.

  • Put the gelatine into a small bowl of cold water and leave for about 5 minutes until soft.

  • Pour 3tbsp of the Pimm's into a small pan and heat gently.

  • Squeeze the water from the gelatine and add the soft leaves to the hot Pimm's, whisking until dissolved. Keep warm.

  • Pour a small amount of water into a large saucepan that will accommodate a large mixing bowl without the bottom of the bowl touching the water, and bring the water to a simmer.

  • Put the sugar and egg yolks into the mixing bowl and whisk for about 3 minutes until thick and pale.

  • Add the remaining Pimm's and beat for another minute.

  • Place the bowl over the saucepan and continue to beat until the zabaglione is light and fluffy.

  • Remove the bowl from the heat, add the gelatine mixture and beat for a further minute.

  • Put the bowl into a sink, or a large plastic bowl, filled with iced water and leave to cool for about 10 minutes.

  • Whip the cream to the soft peak stage.

  • And whisk into the cooled zabaglione.

  • Turn the mixture into four serving glasses.

  • Cover and leave in the fridge to chill for at least two hours.

  • Serve topped with the macerated berries and their juices.

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