Couscous with Chicken and Vegetables

Couscous with Chicken and Vegetables

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A Berber dish, whose origins can be found in the North African continent, couscous features different regional cuisines nowadays, being served in various combinations. This is an easy to make recipe I crafted myself upon memories of my trip to Morocco. This was actually the second time I tasted couscous in my life and loved it.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 40 -60 minutes
Makes: 4 servings

chicken drumsticks
1 big onion
1 zucchini
1 red pepper
1 pack of instant couscous
oil for frying
back pepper
hot and sweet paprika
soup powder


Wash the drumsticks and let them dry. Then, cover them in spices according to your taste. I use only a bit of hot paprika and black pepper, then I add sweet paprika and salt.

Fry the meat until it looks very well done. Bear in mind that you have used paprika. So, if it has a dark color, it does not mean it has burned.

Meanwhile, you can prepare the vegetables. Cut the onion in small pieces and fry it in a different pan. You can wait until the drumsticks are done and use the same pan, but I like my sauce to be clear.

Cut the zucchini and the red pepper in cubes, and add them to the onion. Mix and stir until the onion becomes transparent and the zucchini is soft.

Now add the meat, and cover with water. Taste and add spices. I add soup powder as I like the sauce to have a pronounced chicken taste. Also, if you are a fan of red sauce, you can add diced or crushed tomatoes.

When the meat is almost ready, you can make the couscous. I use instant couscous, and honestly, this is the only one I know how to cook. I used 2 ½ amounts of water of an amount of couscous, but I think it is safer to follow the instructions on the pack. If you look at the pictures, you will see my couscous looks yellowish. This is because I added some turmeric just for the color.

Serve them together. Add the amount of sauce that suits your taste. Bon appetite!


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