Crockpot 24 Hour Chicken Broth

Crockpot 24 Hour Chicken Broth

Posted 2016-11-17 by finyfollow

Chicken soup is good for many things, and this recipe, is extra healthy - cooked very slowly for 24 hours, and first soaked for an hour, chicken soup is a source of many essential nutrients and is rumoured to even help the common cold and sore throat! Chicken soup contains minerals in a form that the body can absorb easily, and these include: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and other trace minerals.

It is an easy soup to make and if you do not have a slow cooker, just cook it for a few hours on the lowest flame you have and you will also get a good result.

Apple cider vinegar is added as this draws extra calcium from the bones, and you will not taste it in the finished product.

The soup can also be frozen, and I often freeze some in ice cubes as it is handy in sauces, and so much healthier than the packet/canned ones.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes plus standing time
Cooking Time: up to 24 hours
Makes: about 6 - 8 cups

4 - 6 chicken frames (I used free range)
2 onions
4 - 6 stalks celery
Carrots (optional)
2 bay leaves
2 - 3 tbsp apple cider vinegar (this draws additional calcium from the bones)

  • Clean the chicken frames and wash.

  • Place in a crock pot and add the vinegar, celery, onion, bay leaves and carrots.

  • Leave soaking for one hour.

  • Turn on for up to 24 hours on the lowest heat. You MAY need to add a bit more water after abut 12 hours.

  • Allow to cool, and take the meat off the bones, though most of it will just fall off as you pick up the bones.

  • Put the soup through a sieve and make a pie or even a curry out of the chicken and vegetables.
  • I freeze several of these packs for later use

  • The bones will be so soft, they will be edible if you wanted to eat them.

  • Leave the soup overnight in the fridge when the fat will rise to the top, and the soup will turn into a jelly like consistency, full of extreme goodness.

  • Skim off any fat, add salt and pepper and you have a lovely, healthy stock/soup.

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