Eggplant Ravioli

Eggplant Ravioli

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This ravioli dish encompasses one of my favourite vegetables; eggplant. You can buy mass produced ravioli from your local supermarket but nothing impresses more than serving up home made pasta from scratch.

There is no limit to the imagination with the fillings you create … and can range from vegetables, meat, cheese, seafood, herbs and even fruit.

The best part about this recipe is that it’s incredibly easy to make and you don’t need fancy ravioli presses to make these wonderful pasta pillows. The rustic look of the ravioli only adds to the charm of the dish.

I paired Dill Pesto with the . The dill and lemon from the pesto sauce provided a fresh and zesty contrast to the smoky and earthy eggplant filling. Make this dish and your family and friends will be wanting more.

teamed with Steamed Green Peas and Dill Pesto.

Preparation Time: 20-mins
Cooking Time: 5-mins
Makes: 4 entrée servings

2 Eggplants
250g Ricotta Cheese
150g Parmesan Cheese
Rock Salt
Ground Black Pepper
Fresh Pasta Lasagne Sheets
1 Egg White
Dill Pesto

Eggplant is such a versatile ingredient to cook with.

  • Slice the eggplant into thin slices.

  • Thinly slice the eggplant.

  • Dry fry both sides of the eggplant in a frying pan or skillet until charred.
  • .
  • Set aside to cool.

  • Dry fry the eggplant until charred, then set aside to cool.

  • Roughly chop the charred eggplant and place into a large bowl. Add the ricotta and parmesan and mix thoroughly. Add salt and pepper to taste.

  • Chop the eggplant and combine with ricotta and parmesan cheese, adding salt and pepper to taste..

  • Take a sheet of fresh pasta and place a tablespoon of the eggplant mixture at approximately 5cm intervals.

  • Using a pastry brush, brush some of the egg white around the eggplant filling.

  • Dollop a tablespoon of the eggplant mixture at approximately 5cm intervals.

  • Lay another sheet of pasta over the top. Press around the filling to join the two pasta sheets together. Squeeze out any air that may be trapped between the pasta layers.

  • Brush the top of the pasta sheets and edges again with the egg white. This will help to form a seal between the sheets of pasta.

  • Using a serrated knife, slice the pasta into squares between the mounds of filling to create the ravioli pieces. Use a fork to crimp the edges of the ravioli (this will also help to seal the pasta).

  • Slice the pasta into squares and squeeze the pasta layers to form a seal.

  • Bring a large saucepan filled with water to the boil. Add the ravioli pieces and cook for approximately 5-6 minutes or until the ravioli is al dente.

  • Drain the ravioli and garnish with some steamed green peas, a drizzle of Dill Pesto , and top with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

  • This dish speaks for itself – it is delicious.

  • Homemade with Dill Pesto.


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