Fish Wrapped in Prosciutto with Haloumi Cheese and Salad

Fish Wrapped in Prosciutto with Haloumi Cheese and Salad

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A simple, healthy and easy fish dish with haloumi cheese and salad

"An easy, healthy and flexible meal. Suitable for a main or entree dish. Don't like fish? No problem you can have chicken instead if you wish. Customise your own sides to accompany the fish and haloumi cheese."

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes max
Makes: 2 servings (mains), 4 servings (entree size)

The ingredients ready to go

2 slices of white fish (basa, perch or blue eye is recommended)
2 Slices of prosciutto
1 Packet of Lemnos Haloumi Cheese
Olive Oil
Cracked Pepper
For the salad component: any salad you wish depending on how much you would like to eat

The prosciutto will stick at the back after wrapped

A fish fillet wrapped in prosciutto ready to be marinated in pepper

Applying the pepper. This needs to be applied to both sides of the fish

The fish being cooked

  • Prepare the salad on your dish/es first the way you wish, then you can concentrate on the fish and cheese.
  • Take a piece of prosciutto and wrap in the middle of the fish. No need to worry about tooth picks, the prosciutto will stick. Do the same for the next piece of fish and so on until all fish pieces are wrapped.
  • Apply pepper to both sides of the fish. You control how much pepper you wish to apply to your fish. Do the same for the next piece of fish and so on until all fish pieces have pepper applied front and back.
  • Ensure your stove top is on low-medium heat with the exhaust fan on, and you have your fry pan with olive oil applied liberally, and then place the fish with the wrapped side up and cook for 5 minutes until almost golden brown at the ends. Once the latter is done, then turn the fish over to repeat the process for another 5 minutes. While your fish is on the go, use that time to chop up your haloumi cheese into bite size chunks. No need to worry about tooth picks again.
  • Remove the fish, and repeat the process above for the second fish and so on until all fish is cooked and transfer onto the relevant serving plate.
  • Once fish is cooked, re-apply the olive oil for the haloumi cheese pieces. Cook each side for 30 seconds until golden brown on the edges ideally, and use tongs when turning the cheese over. These cheese pieces can be immediately placed on serving plates. No need to rest on a paper towel.

  • The haloumi cheese pieces being cooked

    The haloumi cheese is also a great treat for the kids and to share


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