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Goats Milk Fetta

by Annalisa Brown (follow)
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By my own admission, dairy was the most difficult food group to eliminate from my recent 60 Day Clean Eating Challenge. Although Goats Milk Cheese was permissible due to it’s reduced lactose and fat-soluble chemistry; my preference was to steer clear of all dairy; more so to reduce my temptation of over indulging.

Family and friends who know my penchant and passion for cheese were not surprised when I announced to all and sundry the very first non-challenge food I would consume would be cheese (and a little wine of course). Cognisant of not wanting to undo all the good work I achieved from the challenge, I took my Kristen Allan taught, artisan cheese making skills to a slightly different level by making some Goat’s Milk Fetta.

With eyes bigger than my stomach, I made enough to not only indulge my insatiable appetite for cheese but to gift as Mother’s Day presents.

Home-made Goats Milk Fetta Cheese can be enjoyed with family and friends or gifted as novel presents accompanied with some home-made crackers.

Preparation Time: 24 Hours
Makes: 1kg Cheese (approximately)

8 Litres Raw Goats Milk
1 Drop Type A Starter
1.3ml Vegetable Rennet Diluted in 13mls Water

Making 15% Brine Solution
300g Salt
2 Litres Water

Making Fetta is a 5-step process outlined below.

*Step 1 - Milk Preparation
Heat the raw milk to 37°C and transfer to a cheese vat or a large container such as a bain marie or enamel pot.

Step 2 – The Cheese Making Process
Add a drop of the Type A starter culture and stir constantly for 2-minutes. The starter culture adds acid to the milk, which commences the cheese making process.

Step 3 – Making Curds and Whey
Dilute 1.3ml of the vegetable rennet with 13mls of water. The rennet must be diluted 10-fold with water and done prior to being added to the milk.

Add the diluted rennet into the warmed milk, stirring constantly for 2-minutes. The rennet will start the coagulation process.

Heat milk to 37°C and transfer to a large container before adding Type A starter culture and vegetable rennet to commence the cheese making process.

Cover the cheese container and leave for 1.5-hours until the curd is firm. Using a flat knife, check the curd by cutting into it. If it’s ready a clean break will occur. If the curd doesn’t break cleanly, leave for an additional 30-minutes.

When ready, cut the curd into 1-cm pieces and cover the cheese container for 30-minutes.

After 30-minutes has lapsed, stir the curds gently for a few minutes and leave for an additional 30-minutes.

Repeat the above process another two times at 30-minute intervals.

Step 4 – Drying
Scoop the curds out with cheese pots and drain for an hour.

Scoop the curds out with cheese pots and allow to drain and dry for 24 hours.

Flip the cheese pots and leave to drain for a couple of hours.

Flip the cheese pots again and leave to drain for 4 hours.

Flip the cheese pots again after 4 hours and leave to drain overnight.

Step 5 – Maturation
Flip the cheese pots again in the morning.

Make the 15% Brine Solution by combining the salt and water. Set aside for the day to allow the brine to settle.

15% Brine Solution is made by combining salt and water and ensuring the salt and water ratio is maintained at 15%.

Continue draining and flipping the cheese pots for the day to dry out the cheese.

After draining and drying the fetta for 24 hours, cut the cheese into large cubes before placing into a brine solution or in an olive marinade.

In the evening remove the cheese from their pots and place in the brine solution; or using sterile jars, fill the jars ¾ to the top with the fetta cheese then completely immerse the cheese with a marinade of extra virgin olive oil, garlic, rosemary and oregano. The cheese will keep for up to 2 months refrigerated.

These jars of Goats Milk Fetta make novel gift ideas for family and friends, especially if packaged with some home-made Sesame Crackers.

These jars of Goats Milk Fetta make novel gift ideas for family and friends.

Cheese making kits, starter cultures and rennet can be bought online through Cheeselinks.

I used Jannei Raw Goats Milk to make my Fetta. Please note Jannei Farm have an unpasteurized bottled milk license.

I purchased Jannei Raw Goats Milk from Wholefoods House in Sydney. Alternatively you can order online through Lettuce Deliver.

As Goats Milk is an acquired taste, you may wish to substitute with cow’s milk.

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