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Homemade Lemonade

by Kate Mate (follow)
Kate Mate
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This is a favourite in winter time at my home. Strange I know to be drinking it in winter, but we have a lemon tree and we got lots of lemons at that time of year and they aren't the kind to use in cheesecakes. So lemonade we made.

Bowl of lemons
Bush lemons picked straight from the tree

Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes
Makes: 2 litres

Juice of 8-10 bush lemons
3/4 cup sugar
1.5 litres of water
1/4 cup hot water

Juice all the lemons in a measuring jug. This way next time you know how much lemon juice you need as size varies and more juice will make it more sour.
Add sugar with the hot water and stir to dissolve.
Add all ingredients to your serving jug and stir to combine
Taste your lemonade and adjust how sweet or sour it is if needed. Add extra lemon if it's too sweet and mix some more sugar and hot water and add in if it's too sour.
Serve over ice and garnish with a slice of lemon

For a healthier alternative to sugar try sweetening with something like organic panela (evaporated cane juice) available from some supermarkets and organic shops.

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Thank you
Whole flower, yes.
Try the weed: nasturtiums :)

Thanks is the whole thing edible?
It was my Grandmother's recipe for the lemon syrup, but it shouldn't be too hard to find one on the internet that's good. Also, I've been told that you can use svicado as an egg substitute, as it binds. Might cut the tang of a lime pie, if you use it for that though. I think Finy, has a great recipe for lime curd in the microwave, which is the filling for her lime curd tarts. If you don't find a good lemon syrup recipe online (you want an olde time, traditional one), perhaps put it out as a question on recipe yum; failing that, next wk, I might have time to search one for you. Let me know. I might be able to suss an Italian recipe for limoncello for you. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for the raw chocolate pie. I can give you the recipe, but I can't post it with pictures yet as I just don't have the time to photograph it & post. c&c
That's ok I can wait for the pie recipe. I was thinking to do avocado in a lime pie to give it a bit more green. I also used avocado in my cupcake recipe. I haven't posted the chocolate cupcake recipe as I've done a few thinks with chocolate and avocado in it and I've done a few cupcake recipes. I'm sure I will find a good recipe for lemon syrup when I have time to look. Have you used flower petals or zucchini flowers in cooking? I want to do an edible garden but I am not finding any flowers that you can eat the whole flower and also most zucchini flower recipes I've found are savoury.
The tree has heaps on it at the moment :)
Avocadoes are going down in price, so I see a raw chocolate pie coming on... stay tuned! Also, have you ever thought of making Lemon syrup or cordial with all those lemons you get in winter? My grandmother used to make lemon syrup and it was fantastic added to soda or just water OR poured over lemon pancakes!!! You can also add Vodka to it for a type of limoncello syrup, which is also fantastic added to soda water or tonic, not to mention the aforementioned pancakes... limoncello is an Italian aperitif, which I love. It is frequently homemade in traditional Italian households. You will undoubtedly obtain a recipe for this off the internet, but I'm presuming that if you could get someone's favourite family recipe for this, you'd be doing yourself a favour. I would query any Italian friends I had, because limoncello, is soooo good and it's relatively expensive at the bottle-o; also, the one I was given, was not the best one I've had before (which was homemade). The one I was given, was 'Lemonel' distilled by Franciacorta, liquore limoncello. Too strong and not enough lemon tang, so I would give it a burl with your lemons, it'd be worth it. c&c ps. I will research maple syrup as a sweetener, because I'm not actually sure where it stands, but it's in the raw chocolate pie!
Thanks for the tip. How did you make the lemon syrup. I know of limoncello. Might be nice to have a go at making it. There are lemons ready to be picked now. I'm excited. Would love to see your raw choc pie recipe. Did you say it has avocados in it? I want to make a raw lime tart with avocado to give it that green look. Not sure what would be best used to set it. Wad thinking maybe coconut oil. But the last time I tried making my own raw dessert it didn't set. I think it would have but I used frozen berries and pour coconut oil over them frozen so it hardened up, mostly in the bottom of the blender and then I was unsure how much was actually in the mixture.
Apparently, rice bran or rice malt syrup is even a better sweetener, than agave, because agave still contains some sugars and rice malt syrup contains the natural, unprocessed sugars of the rice bran. Also, some people are getting into using maple syrup as a sweetener, too, as it's also supposed to be vegan and low GI. I will post this great recipe I was given, for a raw chocolate pie. This has avocado i/l of egg and maple syrup to sweeten! Base is with blitzed almonds etc... yum.
That's good to know. Is maple a better alternative too? Sounds like a recipe I would like to check out.
Oops, that was keep! Not jeep.

Here 'tis. Haven't written anything for yonks... Went back to Uni! But I do jeep a watch & we make many recipes from recipe yum!!! c&c
Thanks I'll check it out now :)
Great to see you use recipe yum. I am going to start doing more recipes with healthier options like replacing sugar with panela or even agave. I've found recipes that use sugar like cup cakes. They have 1 cup and I use panela and I cut it back to 3/4 and it's sweet enough.
If using the organic panela as a sweetener, I have already discovered it (& it's great addition to coffee!), however, I've found that it is over $3 cheaper if you purchase it in Woolworths, as opposed to Foodland. Also that you can purchase 250gm coconut sugar in Woolworths, as opposed to 500gm in Foodland, making it about the same in price, if you buy 2 pkts in Woolworths but if you don't need as much, then, it's cheaper to buy just the 250gm pkt! As I'm into alternative sweeteners, I have indeed done my homework on this. Also, spotted a date syrup in my local Foodland, which I'm determined to try - this comes in at around $6.25 for a med. jar, which I'm guessing is around 300ml give or take, as I didn't look at the amount when I saw it. This might also be yummy in a lemonade. As is rosewater and mint!!! See my recipe on Weekend notes for Lebanese Lemonade. c&c
Thanks for the feedback. I got my coconut palm sugar at IGA and found the smaller packet you mentioned at Woolworths after I had purchased. I get the panela from Woolworths too. I bought some coconut flour today it's organic, I got it at costco at north lakes. If you're into that. Also they have gave nectar, flaxseeds, chia seed, dried figs, coconut oil, baby quinoa and trail mix all organic. There are also a few organic things in random places there too like the jam and the salsa. Do you have a link to your recipe?
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