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How do you make perfect rice?

by Clare Deville (follow)
Editor in Chief of www.healthyhints.com.au
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An Indian friend once taught me a method of cooking rice that I now use religiously. You simply heat some oil or ghee in a pot, add some cumin seeds, and when they start sizzling add the rice. Toss the rice in the oil until it's all coated and after a couple of minutes add the water and cook as per normal. Once cooked turn the heat off but leave the lid on the rice for a few minutes and you'll have perfect, fluffy rice.

What's your tip for cooking perfect rice?

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Top Answers
Rinsing the rice - I came across this tip when I was having trouble perfecting rice for sushi. My rice kept turning out gluggy and stuck together, until a friend suggested rinsing prior to cooking. Rinsing the rice under cold water 2-3 times before cooking really helped by removing excess starch and residue, to make fluffier rice!

In a hurry? Soak the rice - When you are in a rush, try soaking the rice in cold water before cooking. This will speed up the cooking time and give the rice a fluffier, softer texture.
I generally tend do just use the rice cooker. We first started using one 10-plus years ago when we were living in Vietnam, and now I find it strange cooking rice any other way.
We generally only use brown rice (even with Asian dishes) which can be tricky to cook. After a bit of experimenting I have found the best tip to be a good rinse, a 2 1/4c cup water to 1 cup rice ration and then cooking it in the microwave.
I use basmati almost exclusively. I ignore the directions and just add rice and water in a pot, one part rice and two parts water. I put it on high until it is just about to boil then turn it down to about 1.5 to 2 depending on the stove. The goal is the heat the rice but not allow it to boil over. Once there is only a tiny bit of water left, remove from the heat and let stand for five minutes. One last tip, do not stir the rice. To check the water level use a fork and only push the rice away from one edge to check how much water remains.

Voila, perfect rice every time. I also love to spice up my rice with a mixture of thyme, cumin, onion salt and garlic salt. Enjoy!
yes, i tend to use rice cooker to cook rice easily too. and washing 2-3 times really does help to make it cook nicer. there is one formula for ratio of water to rice that i always use, and so far the rice is always perfect - not too soggy, not to hard. 1 cup rice = 1.5 cup water. regardless of what the cup measurement is, this ratio always works for me :)
by ammr
The traditional method of cooking rice used for many generations in my family in Vietnam is to rinse the rise and wash lightly with water. I don't recommend soaking the rice since it might speed up the cooking time, the rice might turn soft and lose its unique taste. Cook with just enough water, I often fill the water in the rice cooker until the water level is around 1-2cm above the rice. The cooked rice should not stick together. If it turns out to be too soft, use a big spoon to stir a bit and leave the rice to cool off. Heat it up again. The rice will lose some moisture in this process. Just don't stir too much, especially when the rice is not cooked, it might turn into rice porridge if you do that.
I like to just put my rice in the rice cooker - with twice as much water as rice.

With white rice I just like to add some saffron in it and the rice comes out delicious!
I, like Matt Taylor, just cook my rice in a rice cooker, with double the ratio of water to rice. When the water appears all absorbed, I place about two dessert spoons of coconut butter on top of the rice; put the lid back on & let the rice soak up the coconut butter for a while. Then, rake the rice through with either a fork or the spoon you used for the coconut butter, being careful to only rake, not stir. The coconut butter or only gives the rice a superb flavour, but helps the rice grains to separate, on top of which, if your rice cooker has no more non-stick left on it, the coconut oil makes the cooker also easy to clean! Oh, I always add a little salt to my rice, with the water, when I cook it. A good Basmati, I've found, is also the best - Riviana Choice cooks up well, as does Coles Basmati, amazingly enough. Yum, with a can of tuna on top & some chilli sauce or sambal for lunch - veggies? Peas or broccoli go well. c&c
Have been using my Sanyo Rice Cooker since 1980.
The mz cup that came with it, use 1:1half rice to cold water ratio.
Set it going, & when 'button' flips off, LEAVE to sit for 15 mins. This is when the 'steaming process' works!

Can use any other fluid desired, eg apple juice, or any preferred stock, same ratio, though.

Perfect steamed rice! Any spare is bagged up, meal-size into freezer. Just thaw, & reheat in M/W, as needed.
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