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How do you squeeze the most out of a lemon?

by Clare Deville (follow)
Editor in Chief of www.healthyhints.com.au
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I very rarely use a whole lemon at a time and I always felt I was wasting so much. I would have bits of lemon in the fridge drying up becoming useless. Last month I was at the Byron Bay markets and picked up a Clever Dick (see photo) which is absolutely brilliant for juicing lemons without pesky seeds, and storing as well - you just pop the whole thing, Clever Dick and the lemon, into the fridge with the lid on until you need lemon juice again.

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So I've found a solution to easily getting the most out of juicing a lemon, but still feel I'm wasting zest. Can zest be freezed? Can lemons be freezed? How do you squeeze the most out of your lemons?

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Top Answers
To make the most out of my lemons, I always grate the rind with a cheese grater. If I don't need the zest right away, I bottle it in a jar and save it for later. The best way to get the most juice out of a lemon is to heat it for about ten seconds in the microwave, slice it in half, and then use a juice to squeeze it all out. I get about twice as much juice that way.

I freeze the whole lemon. That way you can grate the entire lemon - nothing wasted - not even the seeds! Zest as you would normally. However, once you get past the skin you now have 'frozen juice' - grate what you need.
I'm the same as Bryony, with the microwave trick :) You can freeze whole lemons to save them for later, then microwave a lemon or two for about 40 seconds when it comes time to use one, chop it open and the process of the water inside the lemon freezing will have helped to break the membranes inside and make the lemon easier to slice up and juice. Another great way to reduce waste is to pour the lemon juice into ice cube trays and freeze. That way, you have tiny blocks of lemon juice ready to be thawed whenever you need a few teaspoons of juice!
I'd never heard of the microwave trick. I'm constantly battling with various lemon juicers trying to get a decent amount from lemons.
I'm going to give the microwave tip a go next time as I hadn't heard that one before. I usually press firmly on the lemon and roll it with the heel of my hand before cutting in half and squeezing.

Lemon (and limes) can also be sliced and frozen, ready for a refreshing G&T on a summer's evening.
I get the most out of lemons by heating for 10 seconds in the microwave, then rolling them on the cutting board. I squeeze 1/2 lemon into hot water first every morning which cleanses the liver then use the other half during the day or the next morning, again heating for 10 seconds. No wastage!

Wow! I'm going to try the microwave trick as well. I also love freezing lemons as we have neighbors with a lemon tree that often give us more that we can use. So stocking the freezer helps.
I pulverise the whole lemon in my processor, adding water to get the right consistency, and turn it into a purée. I freeze in ice cube trays and use when and how I need. This way get the entire value of the whole lemon. I love it!!

Use a small hand-held wooden tool, with grooves along it, cut lemon in half, & squeeze it against tool. Kitchen shops stock them.
Have been using M/W, & rolling 'trick' for years!

L o v e lemon juice on freshly shallow-fried Fish Fillets!
Good on pancakes, with icing sugar, too!

Quickest way to clean M/W oven? Slice up a goodly amount of lemon, place in Pyrex jug, with enough water to cover, & then some. Place in M/W on 'High', allow to boil for a few minutes', which gives off steam to coat interior. Just wipe clean. All is gone, especially greasy spatters! And it leaves a beautiful aroma inside!
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