How to Make Perfect Muffins

How to Make Perfect Muffins

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It doesn't take a lot to make perfect muffins. If you follow these few simple suggestions, your muffins will be just right, and you can share them with your friends and family with pride.

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There are a few general rules you should follow for making perfect muffins.

1. Mix wet and dry ingredients separately.

Ingredients such as eggs, butter and milk should be at room temperatures and mixed in one bowl, and sugar, flour and other dry ingredients should be mixed in another bowl. Once you have mixed the dry ingredients make a well in the mixture and pour wet ingredients inside it and start mixing them slowly together .

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2. Do not over-mix the batter.

Although usually ingredients should be well mixed until the batter is smooth and without lumps, here you just need to moisten the dry ingredients.

3. The batter should not be too hard or too runny.

Put a tablespoon in the mix and see if it stands upright. If it is too runny, the tablespoon will fall, so add a few more tablespoons of flour. If it is too hard, add some more milk.

4. Grease the pan.

The entire pan should be greased, and not just the holes, since the muffins will rise during baking and go over the sides, so if they are not greased the batter will stick and you will have a hard time getting the muffin out of the pan.

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5. Do not over fill the hole.

You should fill ¾ of the hole with batter, otherwise if you put too much it will spill out over the sides of the pan.

6. Do not over-bake.

If you leave them in the oven for too long, they will be dry and might burn. Uncooked muffins , on the other hand, are too soggy and moist.

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7. Let the muffins cool down before you take them out of the pan.

When you get the muffins out of the oven wait 5-10 minutes, but not more, or they might get sticky and soft from drying in the pan.
Now that you have these suggestions, here is a recipe you might want to try them on.

Along with the perfect batter you also need to have the right pan. There are different types of pans, such as aluminum, silicone, carbon steel, non-stick, etc. Aluminized steel pans are great since they are easy to maintain, they are very corrosion resistant and most professional chefs use them. Peter's of Kensington site offers a great selection of muffin pans you can choose from.

Perfect muffins are not just about fine food. One tasty muffin can brighten up someone's day. Just by following these steps you will make a perfect batch every time!


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