Jacket Potatoes without the Campfire

Jacket Potatoes without the Campfire

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I have warm memories of sitting by a campfire eating jacket potatoes. The kind that were covered in foil and roasted in an open fire for what felt like forever as a kid, then peeling back the hot layer of foil and pushing a fork into the skin to get at the soft fleshy potato inside.

[Image1 Warm memories of campfires and jacket potatoes - Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti / Freedigitalphotos.net]

Well, you'll be glad to know that this recipe gives you the same result as that deliciously soft and tasty baked-in-a-fire jacket potato, but without having to go to the effort of lighting a campfire and waiting for ages for your potato to cook. In fact, cooking time for this recipe is a mere 12 minutes, and you'll be savoring these delicious morsels of goodness.


Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 12 minutes
Makes: 4 servings

7 Desiree Potatoes
Cream or cream cheese to serve (optional)

  • Select 7 Desiree potatoes. You can use another kind, just make sure it's suitable for roasting or it will fall apart too easily and won't give the desired result.

  • [Image3 7 lovely Desirees]

  • If your potatoes have eyes as mine did, pick them out with a peeler before washing and scrubbing your potatoes.

  • [Image4 The eye's won't taste that good]

  • Cut into similar sized pieces. This will help them to cook evenly and in quick time.

  • [Image5 Chopped and ready to cook]

  • Fill a steamer pot with a little water, about 3 cm worth from the bottom of the pot should be enough. Then set this on your stove to boil.

  • [Image6]

  • Place steamer basket on top of the pot and place potatoes inside, careful to have them in 1 layer. You can turn the heat down a little so that the water below is simmering.

  • [Image7]

  • Place lid on top and steam for 12 minutes, checking that they are soft with a fork.

  • [Image8]

  • Once done, lift the lid carefully with a dry tea towel or similar to avoid steam burns.

  • [Image9 Some sneaky pumpkin has found its way in with the potatoes]

  • Serve with a dollop of cream cheese, sour cream, butter or simply on its own for a deliciously healthy treat.

  • [Image10 Served with Cream Cheese]

  • If you have tried this recipe, how did you go? What variety of potato did you use and what did you put on it to serve? We'd love to have your answers!

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