Low FODMAP Chilli Con Carne

Low FODMAP Chilli Con Carne

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Following a low FODMAP diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all that yummy Mexican food. Canned lentils are FODMAP friendly as the fructans and oligos leach out of the lentils into the canning liquid. They make a great alternative to the beans usually found in Chilli con carne adding extra flavour and texture to this rich and flavoursome chilli.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Makes: 6-8 servings

500g mince
2 x cans tomato, diced
1 x Massels 7 beef stock cube – these stock cubes are fructose free
2 x carrots, roughly diced
2 x red capsicums, roughly diced
1 can lentils
2 tbs garlic infused oil
1 cup boiling water
1 tsp sugar
2 tbs cumin
2 tsp paprika
1 tbs dried coriander
1 tsp cinnamon
1-2 tsp chilli – to taste

  • Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add carrots, capsicum, sugar, cumin, paprika, coriander, cinnamon and chilli. Stir intermittently until vegetables begin to soften.

  • Add mince to pot, breaking up any large pieces. Stir frequently for 5-10 minutes until mince is browned.

  • Pour diced tomatoes into the pot and stir to combine. In one of the empty cans dissolve the beef stock cube in the boiling water then add to mixture. Bring up to a slow boil and allow to simmer for 30 minutes.
  • NOTE: I love making my stock like this as it helps get any extra tomato out of the can, reducing food wastage.

  • Pour lentils into a sieve and run under cold water to wash. Add to pot and stir to combine. Bring back up to the boil, and gently simmer for another 30 minutes or so until reduced down until thick .

  • Serve over rice with a side of salad or vegetables. Top with fresh coriander and a dollop of sour cream or natural yoghurt (for a healthier alternative) to help balance the rich flavours of the chilli.

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