Oven Dried Apricots

Oven Dried Apricots

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It seems odd to be writing a recipe with only one ingredient. So this is more of a method recipe. Don't be shocked by the darker appearance, this is what organic apricots look like, aka apricots without additives.

Dried apricots are super delicious and can go in sweet and savoury dishes. I am writing this recipe now as I need dried apricots for a dish I'm going to make for Christmas. My mum is allergic to sulphites so cant eat store bought apricots, with a tub full of apricots from the local market it seemed the perfect time to make dried apricots.

The cooking time is long but the preparation is short. Simply pop the prepared apricots in the oven on the lowest heat and leave them over night or all day!

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 8-10 hours
Makes: 4 snacks

16 ripe apricots

  • Clean the apricots and discard any bruised apricots
  • Cut them in half along the indentation, and then remove the pit.

  • Turn the apricots inside out. Push the outside center up, so that there is more flesh exposed to the air. You will dry them with the flesh facing up, this is much faster.

  • Take a baking tray and line it with baking paper. If you have a large wire rack, place it above the rack to reduce drying time.
  • Preheat your oven to its lowest setting. They will dry best at a temperature below 93 degrees C.

  • Wait at least 8-10 hours for the apricots to dry. Turn them at the halfway mark to ensure even drying. They should be dark, slightly soft but leathery when they are done.

  • Notes
  • The cooking time will vary depending upon the size of the apricots and the temperature at which you dry them. Make sure to check them at 8 hours.
  • These are quite tart, add sweetness by mixing 1 cup of water, 4 tbsp. lemon juice and syrup to taste. Soak the apricots for a few minutes before setting them on the drying rack to dehydrate.

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