Panfried Kangaroo Fillets

Panfried Kangaroo Fillets

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As a child growing up in Adelaide, I remember Saturday afternoons spent wandering through the historic Central Markets. Each stall would be breaming with a fresh assortment of coloured produce, dairy and meats, with vendors spruiking in booming sing song to entice you to “gotta buy”.

Tucked away in an obscure corner of the market was a brightly coloured stall with pictures of kangaroos and glass cabinets stacked full of meat. I recall the horror the first time my mum bought kangaroo meat and even more petrified when I realized we were going to eat it.

Since that time, I’ve developed a love affair with the versatility of this lean and tender cut of meat. It is now served worldwide as haute cuisine.

It's versatility is paramount to the myriad of dishes and cooking methods used in preparing this gourmet superfood, ranging from burgers, stir-frys, currys, soup, yum cha to meatballs and pasta dishes such as lasagna and ravioli.

Not to mention the nutritional benefits derived from eating kangaroo meat. It’s a terrific source of high-quality protein, is extremely low in total fats, high in omega3, iron and zinc and a rich source of vitamin B.

Australian owned Macro Meats are leading gourmet meat pioneers specialising in Kangaroo meat. If you don't live in Adelaide but want to try Kangaroo fillets and other Kangaroo products such as mini-roasts, burgers and sausages, don't despair. You can find Macro Meats products in all major supermarket chains across Australia.

This recipe is simple, quick and fuss free. I’ve only used a little bit of salt and a good sprinkling of black pepper to season the fillets. The meat can hold its own and can be eaten without any accompanying sauces which allows you to truly appreciate the unique flavour and texture.

served with a Beetroot, Rocket and Fetta Salad

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 8 minutes (allow 15-minutes for the meat to rest)
Makes: 2 servings

2 kangaroo fillets
Black pepper

Kangaroo is a lean, tender and premium meat, full of healthy nutritious benefits

  • Spray a small amount of cooking oil into a frying pan.

  • When hot place the fillets into the pan and pan-fry for 4 minutes on each side.

  • Panfry fillets for 34 minutes each side

  • The meat should be rare to medium rare.

  • Remove the cooked Kangaroo fillets from the heat and wrap loosely with alfoil paper. Let rest for 15-minutes before serving.

  • Once cooked, remove the kangaroo from the heat, wrap loosely with foil and let rest for 15minutes

    Due to the meat being very low in fat, it does have a tendency to easily dry out while cooking. To retain the moisture and flavour, cook the meat quickly and on very high heat, ensuring the pan, grill or BBQ is extremely hot.

    Cook the Kangaroo meat rare to medium rare and let it rest for 15-minutes.

    Resting the meat will allow the juices to redistribute throughout the meat and be reabsorbed, resulting in a very tender and flavoursome meal.

    The kangaroo fillets are served with a roasted beetroot, rocket and fetta salad.

    served with a Beetroot, Rocket and Fetta Salad

    For further details on Macro Meat products visit the Macro Meats website which is full of helpful information, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter .


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