Fresh Raspberry Lemonade

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This really easy recipe is a compromise between having a healthy drink and a fizzy drink. The lemonade to fruit juice ration can be adjusted to suit your personal preference. And the great thing is you can experiment with other fruit combinations such as orange and strawberry.

fresh raspberry lemonade
Tip: drink with a straw

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Makes: 4 servings

320g raspberries
Lemonade (fizzy)
Rose water (optional)

Wash the raspberries. With this recipe each glass will contain roughly 80g of raspberries.

Add the raspberries to a food blender. At this point you can add an optional tablespoon of rose water, this provides extra fragrance.

fresh raspberry lemonade

Blend until the mixture is smooth.

fresh raspberry lemonade

Pour the blended raspberries evenly into all the glasses.

fresh raspberry lemonade with rose water
A few blackberries were added, this is entirely optional

If you do not like the seeds in the raspberries then these can be removed using a strainer. However, the seeds are very nutritious and they contain antioxidants.

fresh raspberry lemonade
The seeds can be seen here

Top the glass up with fizzy lemonade, serve and enjoy.

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