Naan Bread

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Naan bread tastes fabulous with curries and dip. The first mention of this South Asian flatbread was by an Indo-Persion poet in 1300AD, and the name comes from the the Sanskrit word 'nayan', meaning bread. They can be stuffed, had plain, or brushed with a bit of butter. Based on the brands used, each naan is about 89 calories. For extra help, check out my bread making tips.

Preparation Time: 2 hours
Cooking Time: 2 minutes each
Makes: 8 servings

250g white bread flour
40g light margarine
3 tbsp natural yoghurt
1 tsp fast action yeast
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp dried basil
115ml water


Mix the flour, salt, yeast, and yoghurt together.

Gradually add the water to form a dough.

Knead for five minutes, then prove for about an hour.

Divide the dough into eight balls and roll out into flats.

Grill the flats in a frying pan for about a minute on each side, or until the bread gets little brown spots.

Melt the butter and stir in the basil, then brush it over the top of the naan bread.

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