Home Made Vanilla Essence

by Kiesten McCauley (follow)
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Those who are regular bakers will know how often recipes call for vanilla essence. Youíll also know that the good quality stuff can set you back a pretty penny. But did you know that making your own vanilla essence is really quite easy? The hardest part is waiting for eight weeks for it to be ready.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 0 minutes, plus 8 weeks to be ready
Makes: As much or as little as you like

Clean airtight Bottle
Enough Vodka to Fill the Bottle
3-4 Vanilla Pods per Cup of Vodka

Choose the number of pods to suit the size of your bottle, then split them and cut them to size. Donít worry about scraping out the seeds.
Pop the pods and vodka into your bottle, making sure the pods are fully submerged under the alcohol.
Close the lid, give it a good shake and label your bottle with the date.
Store it somewhere cool and dark and every few days, give the bottle another shake.
After eight weeks, your extract is ready to use. You can continue to top up the bottle with alcohol as the beans become uncovered, or you can remove the beans (leaving in any shaken out vanilla seeds) once you start using your extract.

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