Genoa Cake

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genoa cake

A dense fruit cake originating from sixteenth century Genoa, Genoa cake is a slightly lighter version of a traditional Christmas cake. It does not contain spices, royal icing, marzipan, or brandy, but is packed with all the fruit and nuts you could desire. Essentially, Genoa cake is the perfect excuse to eat Christmas cake anytime of the year.

Preparation Time: 25 minutes
Cooking Time: 2 ½ hours
Makes: 12 servings

260g glace cherries
150g mixed candied peel
50g brazil nuts
50g pecan halves
75g ground almonds
225g (drained weight) tinned pineapple in juice
90g unsulphered apricots
350g sultanas
140g walnut halves
5 eggs
250g wholemeal self-raising flour
150g margarine
3 tbsp Truvia sweetener (or 150g caster sugar)
80g plum jam
1 tsp water

Pre-heat the oven to 170 ༠C/ 170 ༠C fan/375 ༠F/5.

genoa cake

Mix together the pecans, brazil nuts, mixed peel 100g walnuts, 50g apricots, 200g cherries, sultanas, pineapple, and half the pineapple juice.

genoa cake, baking, cream, margarine, baking

Cream together the margarine and sweetener/sugar.

genoa cake, baking, cream, margarine, baking, eggs, beat

Gradually beat in the eggs.

genoa cake, cake mix, baking

Fold in the flour and ground almonds.

genoa cake, cake mix, baking

Fold in the fruit and nut mixture, and then pour into a large cake tin.

genoa cake, cake mix, baking

Bake in the oven, but cover with foil after one hour, so that the top does not burn.

genoa cake, cake mix, baking

Warm the jam with a teaspoon of water, and spread half over the top of the cake.

genoa cake

Decorate the top with the remaining walnuts, cherries, and apricots, and then glaze with the remaining jam.

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