RecipeYum Competitions

RecipeYum Competitions

Posted 2015-02-27 by Ben Conollyfollow
are fortnightly events, where we award the best recipe with a fantastic prize.

Please note these are no longer running at the moment.

If you’re new to RecipeYum;
  • [Link Click here], and subscribe using your email address for a RecipeYum account.
  • Your password will be emailed to you, and then you can log in.
  • Once logged in use the ‘share a recipe button’ at the top of the page to submit your recipe.

  • Make sure that your recipe includes lots of good photos of the process of making your recipe, so we can see how it’s done.

    This competition is only open to residents in Australia.

    Remember that regular payment also applies to any recipes submitted to a competition, including awards and CPM.

    Head over to our [link FAQ] if you have any more questions, or head to our forum and ask the veterans.

    Happy cooking!
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    Previous Competition: Social Competition. We want your fun and tasty recipes that people will want to see and share on Facebook.
    Tag: [Link #social Competition]
    Ends: Wednesday 16th September 2015
    Prize: [Link The Chef Gets Healthy Cookbook by Tobie Puttock] or [Link Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook ]

    View Entries

    Winner: Samantha for her [Link Easy Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes]

    Previous Competition: Lunches
    We want you to share your recipes for the tastiest toasties, the most scrumptious salads or whatever it is you make for your lunches.
    Tag: [Link #lunch Competition]
    Ends: Wednesday 26th August
    Prize: [Link Breville Baker's Oven Bread Maker]

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    Winner: Vanessa M for her [Link Gluten Free, Almond-Based Pizza]

    Previous competition: Back to Basics
    We're looking for super simple recipes for everyday-type meals and snacks that any novice cook can conquer. After all, every new starter has to begin somewhere!
    Tag: [Link #back to Basics Competition]
    Ends: Wednesday 5th August
    Prize: 2 tickets to a [Link Foodi Walking Tour] of your choice.

    View Entries

    Winner: Finy for her [Link Avocado, Cheese and Bacon Melt]

    Previous Competition: Social Competition
    Tag: [Link #social Competition]
    Ends: Wednesday 15th July
    Prize: [Link Delicious Magazine Subscription]

    View Entries

    Winner: Jacs Veg Head for her [Link Raw Breakfast Parfait]

    Previous Competition: Pie
    Tag: [Link #pie Competition]
    Ends: Wednesday 24th June
    Prize: [Link 4 up Pie Maker]

    View Entries

    Winner: Annalisa Brown for the [Link Fish and Fennel Pie]

    Previous Competition: Back to Basics
    Tag: [Link #back to Basics Competition]
    Ends: Wednesday 3rd June
    Prize: [Link Compact Food Preparation Set]

    View Entries

    Winner: DJs Kitchen for the [Link Breakfast Pancakes]

    Previous Competition: Social Media Recipes
    Tag: [Link #social Competition]
    Ends: Wednesday 13th May
    Prize: Choose between either a [Link Jamie Oliver] or [Link #page /12 Donna Hay] magazine subscription.

    View Entries

    Winner: The Messy Vegan for the [Link Chocolate Mousse Cake.]

    Previous Competition: Soup
    Tag: [Link #soup Competition]
    Ends: Wednesday 22nd April
    Prize: [Link Artisan Hand Blender]

    View Entries

    Winner: DJ's Kitchen for the [Link Asian Spiced Broth With Prawns, Lup Chong And Noodles.]

    Previous Competition:Tapas
    Tag: [Link #tapas Competition]
    Ends: 1st April
    Prize: [Link Handmade Tapas Bowl Set]

    View Entries

    Winner: Annalisa Brown for the [Link Polenta Cakes with Spicy Vegetable Salsa.]

    Previous Competition: Apples
    Tag: [Link #apple Competition]
    Ends: 11th of March
    Prize: [Link Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker]

    View Entries

    Winner: Jacs Veg Head for the [Link Apple Fries with Vanilla Cream recipe.]

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