Roasted Broccolini and Barramundi Salad with Miso

Roasted Broccolini and Barramundi Salad with Miso

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Broccolini is a naturally sweet vegetable and when chargrilled the smoky overtones only enhance the taste and caramelised texture. Although Broccolini is a spring vegetable the fact that it can be cultivated year round makes this dish a great seasonal salad, not only is it robust, it’s light and full of goodness.

I saw a version of this dish in a Japanese restaurant; quite apt considering the Sakata Seed Company in Japan originally developed this hybrid Broccoli-Chinese Kale vegetable.

The salad used Kingfish Sashimi, however, I recently came across some fresh Barramundi at the Sydney Fish Markets , and I couldn’t contain my adventurous culinary streak and decided to try and replicate the restaurant dish using Barramundi instead.

The end result was just as delicious.

is a dish that contains many healthy and nutritious layers.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Makes: 2-4 as an entrée

1 Bunch Broccolini
1 Sheet Nori Seaweed
2 Fresh Barramundi Fillets
1 Teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon Toasted Sesame Seeds
Black Pepper to Taste

Miso Dressing
2 Tablespoons Rice Wine Vinegar
2 Tablespoons Shiro Miso
1 Tablespoon Tamari
1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon Mirin
1 Tablespoon Rice Malt Syrup

  • Pre-heat an oven, grill or BBQ to 200°C.

  • Wash and trim the ends off the Broccolini then cut into halves.

  • Toss the Broccolini in a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and black pepper.

  • Roast or chargrill the Broccolini for 10 minutes until they are tender and slightly charred.

  • Remove the Broccolini and arrange on a serving plate.

  • Season the Broccolini with extra virgin olive oil and black pepper and chargrill on the BBQ.

  • BBQ the Barramundi Fillets, cool and flake over the Broccolini.

  • BBQ the Barramundi Fillets.

  • To make the Miso Dressing, combine the Rice Wine Vinegar, Shiro Miso, Tamari, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mirin and the Rice Malt Syrup in a bowl and whisk with a fork to emulsify the dressing. Pour over the Broccolini and Barramundi.

  • Place all the miso dressing ingredients into a small bowl and whisk until thoroughly combined.

    Drizzle the Miso Dressing over the Broccolini and Barramundi

  • Toast the Nori seaweed for 30-seconds over an open flame until crisp then tear into small pieces and scatter over the Broccolini and Barramundi Salad.

  • Toast the Nori seaweed over an open flame until crisp.

  • Heat a small frying pan and toast the Sesame Seeds until they just start to change colour; sprinkle over the Broccolini and Barramundi Salad to garnish.

  • Garnish the Roasted Broccolini and Barramundi Salad with toasted nori seaweed and sesame seeds.


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