Rocket Ship Birthday Cake

Rocket Ship Birthday Cake

Posted 2013-03-04 by Jane Streetfollow
Ready for blast off

Here's an easy idea for a fun rocket ship birthday cake. I like to cut and decorate ready made sponge cake slabs bought from the supermarket to save time and stress. However, you could also make your own sponge cake to begin with.

Why not team with rocket ship fruit skewers and make some splatter planet decorations for a rocket ship themed party? You could even make your own rockets as a craft activity during the birthday party.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Makes: 15 servings

  • Three shop bought cake slabs (or you could make your own sponge cake to begin with)
  • Five heaped tablespoons jam
  • One pack ready to roll fondant icing
  • Three jam ring biscuits
  • Three chocolate Freckles
  • Three square bottomed wafer ice cream cones
  • Red and yellow cellophane
  • Aluminium foil
  • Sellotape

  • I like to cut and decorate ready made cake slab to reduce stress given all the other party preparations needed

  • Wrap a board with aluminium foil to set your cake on
  • Cut your cake slabs into two rectangles (for the rocket body), a large triangle (for the rocket tip) and two smaller triangles (for the rocket fins) and assemble on the cake board using a little jam to stick together

  • Cake slabs cut and assembled

  • Warm the rest of the jam then spread over the cake, saving a little bit to stick on some of the final decorations

  • Ready for icing

  • Roll the ready roll icing out into a large rectangle
  • then place over the jam surface and press down around the cake
  • Trim off the excess icing around the sides of the cake by cutting about a centimeter away from the cake edge then tucking in

  • Fondant icing applied

  • Cut your ice cream cones in half lengthways with a knife and carefully trim the bottom until you have the size you want (I cut off about 2 centimetres). I discarded the other half of each cone as one side tended to crack when I cut them.
  • Place three half cones onto the bottom of the rocket to make the rocket boosters

  • Rocket boosters

  • Stick on the jam rings for windows using a little jam and stick the chocolate Freckles on top of the jam rings using a spot of jam.

  • Windows stuck on with a little jam

  • Now cut strips of red and yellow cellophane and affix into the cones on the board using a curl of sellotape (sticky side out)

  • Rocket booster flames made from coloured cellophane

    Your rocket ship cake is ready for blast off! Have a great party.


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