Sausages with Barley Lentils and Peas

Sausages with Barley Lentils and Peas

Posted 2014-08-20 by Kate Matefollow
Lately I have been using this soup mix a lot as I just love it. For me this dish is a quick meal as I like to cook a lot of barley, lentils and peas in advance to save time, so this takes me 10 minutes to make. If you have to cook your barley mix it will take you 30 minutes. This meal is filling and delicious. Everything you want in a meal.

Barley, lentils and peas with sausages. A serving of 2 spoons of barley mix and one sausage.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 10-30 minutes
Makes: Serves 4

6 beef sausages
1 cup of dried soup mix (barley, lentils and peas)
1 375 g jar of tomato basil and garlic pasta sauce
1 large carrot grated

  • Cook. Barley mix for 30 minutes in some boiling water. Packet instructions say one cup of water for one cup of soup mix, but keep an eye on it so it doesn't boil dry.
  • When the barley mix is almost cooked start cooking your sausages in a fry pan with just a little oil. They take about 10 minutes.
  • When sausages are cooked, remove from the heat to a cutting board and cut each sausage into about 2-3 cm pieces. Set aside for when the barley mix is done.
  • When barley mix is cooked drain mixture and set aside for 2 mins to make sure all excess liquid drains off.
  • Turn your fry pan back on and re add the sausages. Add in also the barley mix, carrot and the pasta sauce. Stir the mixture well and cook on low heat to warm it all up.

  • Warming the barley in the pan. Note this is a serving for one in the pan.

  • Taste the barley mix and see that it's hot enough. *Now it's time to plate up. For this I like to push the sausages aside and spoon a big spoonful of barley mix into each bowl and place a few pieces of sausage around the plate and some on top. About 2 sausages per person.
  • Serve immediately. And as always enjoy!

  • Notes
  • For a vegetarian option you could cook some firm tofu and cut into pieces to replace the sausages. This tastes great as well.
  • For Gluten free replace the barley with chickpeas.

  • You can buy soup mix like this on the right or individual ones like the dried peas, red lentils and canned chickpeas.


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