Tofu And Mushroom Rice Cakes

Tofu And Mushroom Rice Cakes

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The Street food movement is all about feeding people quickly, cheaply and substantially. The nature of this culinary culture has been alive and kicking for hundreds of years in Latin America, Asia and Africa. It’s steeped with historical relevance because it’s been their way of life.

Australia is but one country which has adopted a much more manufactured but none-the-less delicious take of this food revolution by introducing street stalls at markets, food trucks and pop ups into its landscape.

It’s livened our streets but most importantly has allowed people from all economic standings to experience far-flung cuisines they might never have envisaged trying.

This is my offering on the street food movement; Tofu and Mushroom Rice Cakes.

The Street Food Movement has taken the world by storm my offering are these deliciously healthy Tofu and Mushroom Rice Cakes with Soy, Chilli and Lime Dipping Sauce.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Makes: 24 small rice cakes

4 Large Button Mushrooms
300g Firm Tofu
1 cup Steamed Brown Rice
1 Stick Lemongrass
1-2 Birds Eye Chilli
1 Handful fresh Coriander

The key ingredients in these rice cakes are Tofu, Mushrooms and Rice

  • Bring a saucepan full of water to the boil and add rice. Cook until the rice is tender.

  • Drain rice under cold running water and place into a large bowl. Set aside.

  • While rice is cooking, slice mushrooms (including the stalks) into small pieces.

  • Finely chop the lemongrass, chilli and coriander.

  • Coat a frying pan with cooking oil spray; when pan is hot add the lemongrass, chilli and coriander and sauté for a couple of minutes until the spices begin to soften then add the mushrooms.

  • Sauté mushrooms until cooked then set aside to cool for a couple of minutes.

  • Saute the lemongrass, chilli and coriander then add mushrooms and continue to sauté until cooked.

  • Once the mushrooms have cooled, chop the mushrooms into smaller pieces and add to the bowl containing the cooked rice.

  • Add the tofu and mash until ingredients are thoroughly combined.

  • Add Tofu to the rice and mushrooms, mashing the ingredients together until thoroughly combined.

  • Using your hands, take a small amount of the tofu mixture and form into small patties.

  • Coat a frying pan with cooking oil spray and when the pan is hot, add the patties in batches and fry until a golden thin crust forms. Repeat with the other patties.

  • Fry the rice cakes in batches until a golden thin crust forms on both sides.

  • Place the Rice Cakes onto a serving plate, garnish with some fresh coriander and serve with a small bowl of soy, chilli and lime dipping sauce.

  • These Tofu and Mushroom Rice Cakes taste delicious hot or cold.

  • Serve these Tofu and Mushroom Rice Cakes hot or cold, garnished with coriander and a small bowl of soy, chilli and lime dipping sauce.


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