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What can I make with sweetened condensed milk?

by You Lucky Dog (follow)
Pack leader to my tribe including dogs, cats, birds, fish and kids. Freelance writer and all around Lucky Dog
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I accidently purchased a can of sweetened condensed milk at the grocery the other day instead of regular condensed milk. I don't want the tin to go to waste so was hoping for some inspiration on what I can make using sweetened condensed milk.

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Does anyone have any great recipe ideas to share?

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Top Answers
Our family has a long tradition of "CORNFLAKE KISSES" not sure where the name came from, very simply very yummy and always a hit. The only problem is we guess the amount of the ingredients used. Cornflakes, cocoa, condensed milk. Crush cornflakes in a bowl add cocoa, then condensed milk mix really well. Do not make it too dry a nice sticky, not too sloppy mix is what you are after. We have a trusted egg cup which has been handed down for three generations now, dip the egg cup in hot water and shake fill with the mixture turn upside down into a pattypan. Repeat the process and enjoy. Get this right and I guarantee you will be buying more condensed milk and this time not by mistake.
What a simple and yummy sounding solution! I especially like how its been a family tradition- right down to the egg cup! Will have to give this a try!
Check out Scottish Tablet made out of condensed milk, butter and sugar. It's like a crumbly, flaky fudge and tastes absolutely amazing.
by Jane
Sounds amazing! Will have to give this a try, thanks Jane!
Portuguese tarts - AKA Kuejadas. Google chowtimes. Uses 3.5 tablespoons melted butter, 2 cups milk, 2 eggs, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup plain sifted flour, 1 can condensed milk. In a large pyrex jug melt butter, whisk in milk, add 2 eggs & whisk, then sugar, condensed milk & flour. Should be smooth creamy batter. Pour into 2 x greased patti tins. Bake for 15 mins at 200 degrees, reduce heat to 160 & bake further 20 minutes. They do sink in the middle. Makes 24. Try stopping at one!

You can make a lot of sweets with condensed milk, such as coconut ice and fudge. A lot of Indian pudding can be made with condensed milk too, such as kulfi (a type of ice cream) and kheer (a very sweet rice pudding). Banoffee pie is also a good choice.
Vietnamese coffee is made with condensed milk and it's amazing! Unfortunately without a special cup for brewing, you will have to fake it, but it is still very doable. Basically all you need to do is brew some extra strong coffee, if you have a French press, it would work perfectly. Next, fill a large glass with ice and the sweetened condensed milk, then pour the coffee in. Voila, a faux Vietnamese coffee.
Chocolate truffles!! Crushed biscuit, condensed milk, cocoa and coconut rolled into balls!! . Yum!!
I have to agree with Jane. It's all about the tablet! You can also use the condensed milk to make caramel, and then make millionaire's shortbread, which is equally as delicious.
Try the following recipe.
I can't guarantee the $5 part though.
Christmas is coming up, rum balls. After making them leave them in the freezer.
You can eat them straight from the freezer, no need to thaw them out.
I like to use condensed milk with grated walnuts sandwiched between 4-5 layers of wafer. Makes for quick and delicious cakes Croatians call 'oblatne'.
by Vee
One of my favourite dessert ingredients! I love using it to make delicious lemon or berry cheesecakes.
Use a thin layer of condensed milk over some chocolate brownies - eliminate the sugar from the brownie recipe and use CM as a substitute :) The kids will love it!
Chocolate caramel slice�� simply boil or pressure cook condensed milk to make caramel spread (in Chile they give this to children on bread), you can also use the caramel to fill a flan case-prebought-to make banoffee pie, which just has added banana & whipped cream on top! Oh! The caramel (boil 1 hour), csn also simply be used on icecream,too! Yum!!!��
Yum! With all of these great suggestions I may have to make Sweetened Condensed Milk a regular item on my shopping list! Thanks everyone!
Astonishing Simple 'Caramel' !
Remove the tins label. Then put the unopened tin into a very large pot of water. Enough water to ensure the tins top remains covered at all times.
Raise the heat until the water boils.

Maintain a 'simmering boil' for four hours (4 - not a misprint) . Top up the water as needed over the period, to retain tin top coverage.

Four hours cooking produces a solid, yet spreadably soft 'caramel', when the tin is opened. Less cooking time will result in a more syrupy 'caramel'.

When the cooking time is up, carefully empty the hot water from the pot. Remove the tin with kitchen gloves or tongs and place on a tray to cool.
When cooled refrigerate your tin overnight.

Next morning, cut the top from the tin. Invert the tin over a plate. Cut the upward-facing (other) end off the tin. Slide or push out your new cylinder of 'caramel'.

Voila! Your 1000-calorie confectionery is produced. Enjoy as you please.
Warning - It IS incredibly rich AND sweet.

This 'caramel' can be batch-produced, 'Lucky Dog". Which saves both time and gas, or electricity. Meaning simply have multiple tins 'cooked together' in one big pot; just as long as you always keep them well covered in water.


wow very good Question. i too dont know much to do in condenced milk..please give us good reciepe
by asha
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