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Where do you get your recipes from?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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There is an infinite number of recipes out there, but where do you like to source yours from? Online like with RecipeYum, cookbooks, or do you like to use time honoured recipes passed down the generations?

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Top Answers
An online search is where I usually start and if I find sites I like I add to my Favourites for easy future access.

I have a heap of cookbooks stored in a box somewhere! The only one I have in the kitchen and use regularly is the Silver Spoon, the bible of Italian cooking. I also find some amazing recipes in the Gourmet food magazine which is sold at ABC shops, or you can borrow from your local library which is a great, free source of cookbooks (you can just scan or photocopy the recipes you like without having to buy and keep the whole book).
Lately, I've been finding a lot of recipes on pinterest. Or if I find a recipe elsewhere on the internet, I put link it into my recipe board on pinterest. Really useful to see a visual of a recipe. When following a recipe I then put my iPad on the workbench and follow the steps. If a recipe doesn't work out, I'll delete it from my pinterest board.
I generally tend to browse online for recipes, and then make a sort of 'Frankenstein's Monster' using bits and pieces from all the different recipes.

I don't use cookbooks too often, but I do collect them.
I tend to do things this way as well but I have a few places I look prior to Frankensteining. I really like the Company's Coming book series, their main writer, Jean Pare, is amazing. Tey have a lot of recipes posted on their website companyscoming.com/ I also use Yummly.com and foodgawker and I have found many great recipes that way. Once I have a recipe to use as a base, I start making changes so that it fits with my household's tastes.
Google is my first port of call and from there I can find and compare a bunch of recipes. I particularly like food blogs with lots of pretty pictures! Taste.com.au is also a handy source.

I love cookbooks as well: Jamie Oliver, Donna Hay, Smitten Kitchen, Sprouted Kitchen, Jerusalem, What Katie Ate. I also check their websites regularly as they have great recipes there too.

I'd like to say I have recipes passed down from family members, but alas, no!
I don't buy many cookbooks, but the one exception to that is the 'The Great British Bake Off' series. I also pick up recipe cuttings from magazines and things. There are a few recipes that I have that come from my great great grandmother, but not many. A lot of the time I adapt these recipes and switch ingredients to suit my own tastes, and on other occasions I make up my own recipes completely.
Google, for sure. A quick web search can give the inspiration required to turn those few random pantry ingredients, or that faint dish idea on a sunny afternoon, into a delicious masterpiece. I turn to a lot of cookbooks as well for inspiration and handy hints. Beginners cookbooks are fantastic to try out new skills or ideas, and in the hunt for quick and easy delicacies, while celebrity chef cookbooks or books from professional chefs and kitchens are fantastic to challenge yourself with!
I Google recipes if I already have a specific ingredient at home that I want to use up and feel like doing something different with it. But often I cut recipes out of newspapers and magazines and keep them all in old photo albums that I never ended up actually filling with photos.
I do the same.
by Lucy
i like watching cooking show like masterchef. i also subscribe to sortedfood on youtube. they give me inspiration, or ideas, rather. and then i googled up recipes that i am interested in trying. because there's heaps of versions, i pick up the crucial parts and then the rest i do my own experiments! =D for authentic, 'established' ones, of course, i ask my mom. or dad :)
by ammr
lots of recipes on youtube
My mother gives me a lot of recipes and I remember a lot of recipes that my mum and grandma cooked during childhood. I also own over hundreds of cook books and I look up recipes on taste.com or other cooking sites.
I like to take inspiration from restaurants and dishes that manage to surprise or impress me.

Asking my friends for suggestions to experiment has yeilded some great results too.
Some from Recipe yum, & others I just type in on Google, the meat & veggies I'm using that night, I then add the title to my list of meals I've cooked from online recipes in Drafts, & I don't make the same one again for at least 12 months! Before my laptop, I used recipe books, (which I still use occasionally) where I'd date every recipe I made (in pencil), so I'd only make it once a year! A friend recommended this VERY quick recipe:
Tin baked beans on toast with cooked onion, & an egg on top. I also added bacon. I cook this meal when we've arrived home from o/s or interstate. It's really yummy! (I do make THAT 1 more than once a year!)
by Miro
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