Winners Profile Annalisa Brown

Winners Profile Annalisa Brown

Posted 2015-05-04 by Bethanyfollow
Annalisa Brown was the winner of our Tapas Competition , with her delicious Polenta Cakes with Spicy Vegetable Salsa .

Annalisa has been writing for RecipeYum for over a year now, and loves the freedom of choosing to cook and write about the dishes she loves. She is incredibly creative, working in the film, television, and photography industry, and writing has always been a big part of her creative outlet.

She reads voraciously, devouring books of all shapes, sizes, and contents — including cookbooks. When the opportunity arose to contribute to RecipeYum, she saw a chance to combine her passion for food and the written word.

Food has always been a bonding exercise for her and her family and friends, so every dish she creates and writes about is infused with fond memories.

“Having grown up in an Italian, Austrian, Slovenian household many of my recipes and articles have a cultural foundation based on my heritage. Similarly if I've enjoyed a great meal out, I will try and replicate that dish or a modified dish at home,” Annalisa says.

“My absolute passion however revolves around food experimentation. Heston Blumenthal is my inspiration in this case. Using my kitchen as my science lab, I'm always excited when experimenting with different combinations of complementing and contrasting flavours and textures and create something that is delicious and awe inspiring to look at. For me, that is a successful recipe and obviously fantastic dinner-party talk!

“My Polenta Cakes with Spicy Vegetable Salsa is a case in point; it is based primarily on being one of our family's staple meals that I've eaten since childhood. In conjunction with my clean eating and healthy outlook and a little experimentation in my kitchen lab, I concocted these little tapas.”

She specialises in clean eating and low-fat, healthy recipes. Her recent participation in a 60-Day Clean Eating challenge brought out a creative flair in her cooking style and technique. That doesn’t mean she won’t occasionally pump out a calorie-loaded recipe — it’s all about moderation, after all.

What advice would she have to give to other food writers?

“I would suggest live, breathe, eat and sleep food. Take inspiration from cookbooks, from restaurants, from friends and family, from the internet. Do workshops to understand the process of making food (there is nothing like being hands-on) — I did two workshops on cheese making (did I mention I LOVE cheese).

“Also, when I go out to a restaurant and it's possible, I will always speak with the chef and talk about the food, and try and elicit their recipes. I will also do the same with sommeliers.”

View more of Annalisa's recipes on her profile , and follow her for all the latest updates.


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