Winners Profile DJs Kitchen

Winners Profile DJs Kitchen

Posted 2015-05-06 by Bethanyfollow
David, also known as DJ’s Kitchen , was the winner of the Soup Competition , with his creative Asian-Spiced Broth with Prawns, Lup Chong, and Noodles .

David was introduced to RecipeYum by a friend, almost three months ago, while stuck writing a novel about a chef. His cooking focuses heavily on classic French and European cuisines, although he enjoys experimenting with Asian-inspired flavours as well.

“Being a single father, my cooking style, by necessity, is inventive and adaptable. Inspired by seasonal produce, and what's in the larder, I find my cooking can vary from a simple omelette to a from-scratch galantine, roasted and served hot,” he said.

He also loves to grow his own herbs to use in his cooking.

“My love of gardening compliments my cooking as I try to use what's growing in my little patch. Fresh herbs are always available but most importantly, every meal I serve has one vital ingredient: presentation. I enjoy trying to make my food look as great as it can, even the simple things. Enjoy!”

David is an avid collector of cookbooks and food magazines. He finds that books written by successful chefs and cooks are the most useful in shedding light on the subject of food, and each present something new to learn.

“Maggie and Manu are good for a peruse, Christine Manfield and Frank Camora offer such in-depth brilliance to their subjects,” he said. “Almost any food magazine is worthwhile too, the more you read, the more you learn.”

His winning dish, Asian-Spiced Broth with Prawns, Lup Chong, and Noodles , is a variation of a regular go-to meal for him. All the ingredients used in the recipe are readily on hand in his kitchen, and he used fresh greens from his garden to round out the flavours.

View more of David’s recipes on his profile , and follow him for all his latest updates.


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